Today, more than ever, using our resources efficiently makes a whole lot of sense. Concern for the environment as well as energy savings are the usual motivating factors in deciding to go green. If the benefits seem obvious to you, ask us if green construction might be right for you. There are hundreds of different products and options when it comes to efficient resource use. If you’re interested in exploring green alternatives, we encourage you to ask us any questions you may have.

Reuse and Recycle – Using materials that are recycled, reused, or environmentally sustainable. Many of these products will out-perform and out-last traditional materials.
Engineered Lumber Products
Reusable Foundation Form Materials

Energy Efficency – Using products and designs that conserve or generate energy.
Solar Panels
Passive Solar Building Arrangements
Energy Star Appliances
Low Emission Windows
Energy Management Systems (Smart Systems)
Water Saving Devices

Air Quality – Better air quality with less toxicity in the air
Non-outgassing Paints and Finishes
Non-outgassing Carpets
Forced Air Filtration
Whole House Ventitlation Systems